суббота, 24 марта 2012 г.


Do you know that asos.com has the mobile website?

I had a boring lecture (electromagnetism, yeah...) and tool my cellphone to search for cuticlu oil (mine was over and I wanted to try something new). Fortunarely I have unlimited Internet on my phone, finally turned it on.
I always think about having benefit in prices - I compare it in different places, sometimes bigger volume costs cheaper and so on. So I decided to check Asos, because some stuff is much cheaper there, though my lameass phone becomes too slow browsing big sites including Java or Flash.
And... I saw a mobile version, looking good on my screen, no problems with low speed... oh God!
Now I must tell myself all the time that I mustn`t shop online when I`m sitting on boring lessons :)

P.S. sorry guys for having no news from me, I just have lot`s of work and study now... but I will tell you more today about these weeks passed ;)

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