пятница, 24 мая 2013 г.

project818 dolls

I've mentioned Project818 quite a few times here - it's a group of people who organize dance workshops in Moscow, and my dance teacher Jenya is one of them. Me with other girls from my classes have a great job of helping Jenya at workshops - we help organizing it, sell tickets and brand clothes and etc. Of course, we still have time to dance there!We've built kind of a small team of organizers - we're dancing together and just go out sometimes.

Project818 has it's own brand clothes - t-shirts, trousers and hoodies, which we sell at workshops, and Jenya organized a photoshoot for us only as a promo for clothes!

This was almost my first experience of studio photoshoot...and I can say I hated it :) I liked the atmosphere and my girls, but standing in front of the camera is totally not for me. I feel confused and too stupid, and just can't relax, I have no imagination for new poses at all. Also, a photographer told me to smile all the time, cause I look to serious. Well, I did, but I look at the photos - and I'm not smiling at all! Do I feel my body in a wrong way?

Anyway, I had lots of fun, and have some photos to show you!

Am I too serious all the time?

This is the best photo I think, I really like my face here - it looks so natural, and girl in the center is my teacher Jenya :)

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