понедельник, 3 февраля 2014 г.

that large shoppins spree - clothes

Second part of my shopping rush, dedicated to clothes and shoes. Let's get cracking!

Jacket, black jeans and sweater - Reserved. Print on the jacket looks like old granny's carpet and that's why I bought it - really loved that detail, can't wait for spring.

Some previews I tried to make using new clothes.

Boots, Centro.

Jeans, top and knee boots - Kira Plastinina.

Comfy and wintery home pants from Tezenis.

"Hello" t-shirt, Bershka.

Cardigan and neck-chain, Mango. Cardigan is perfect - comfy and oversized, everything I love at the moment. And I was looking for a chain like this for really long time - not plastic but real metal, and finally found it at Mango.

Shorts and sweatshirt, Tvoe. I just couldn't stand buying this sweatshirt, it combines two of my favorite things - British flag and moustasche, strike!

Fur knee boots from Chester. During severe russian winters good and warm boots are a must have and I needed something instead of my Uggs, which you can wear only when it's very cold and dry outside.

Jeans, Oggi. I wasn't sure I would be able to wear such a thing, but sometimes I like to epater with my clothes (mostly myself), and actually now I wear this pair quite often.

Hoodie, Pull&Bear.

Vest, Colins. What I really like about it that it has a little bag so you can carry it everywhere and it doesn't need lots of space. It will be very handy during my spring travels (and I am going to have a lot, later about that!).

Basic white t-shirt and croshet top, Bershka.

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