среда, 28 декабря 2011 г.

presents for new year

As you may know, in Russia we celebrate New Year, not Christmas (which comes on 6-7 January in Orthodoxy). So I have already prepared almost all presents for my family and friends. Here they are!

A cup from Starbucks for my friend.

A bracelet from Guess to my Mom. I think I have been presenting her different jewellery from Guess for about two or three years. It is very comfortable - I never think a lot, because I know what she likes!

Glowing laces and sweets for my brother - I ordered a gum with bacon taste for him, but unfortunately they run out of it :(

A cup to a new flat for my Grandma and a bathrobe for my Mom - she asked to present one for her. Both from Stockmann. Here was a nice service where you can decorate your presents.

The lipbalm from The Body Shop and the book "Gone With the Wind" for my sisters. I bought this book with my brother and he was really astonished with it`s size XD. He never thought someone can read such a large book by his own will.

I`ve already decorated my presents. These wrapping paper is a present from Yves Rocher. And from Stockmann`s decorator I learned to make these simple bows. I think they look very cute =)

Also I bought the Lomo Fisheye Camera to my boyfriend and the computer mouse to my Dad. But unfortunately I lost the mouse somewhere at Moscow :( And this morning we moved to Dubna to our another home, so I didn`t find it. Right now I`m in a hurry what to present him :(

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