четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.


Sorry guys for having no news from me for such a long time. This 1,5 week was very hard for me. My study had already started, and you know... it is like hell. A good hell, though :) We have already made a desicion, which department we are going to choose. Mine is the department of particle physics and cosmology (sounds cool, don`t you think so? :). So I have a lot of new subjects... and need to study a lot too...

I have already moved to my dormitory, this is my view from the window. Morning Moscow... looks amazing!

My favourite flowers.

I bought this Got2Be volumizing powder a few days ago - I`ve heard lots about it, and spent quite a lot time to find a place where it is on sale!

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  1. I envy the view! Even thou it's summer now I could use some ''ice''! ;)

    1. Without this view our dormitory would be too old and ruined)) it just saves a situation))