понедельник, 30 января 2012 г.


About a week ago a real Russian winter came to our land. It is -16 dergees by Celsium (means 3,2 degrees by Fahrenheit). I`m not a kind of person who adores cold weather, but I think I couldn`t ever live in the place where is always warm. In summer I really miss winter, and in winter I really miss summer.
I`m spending my vacations in Dubna, and here are photos from my walk.

On the bank of the Volga river.

Ice is beautifully glowing - like brilliants.

Crunching snow.

Cheeks are burned by cold, hair covered with ice - this is real winter!

Lonely fisherman.

Another lonely fisherman.

A hole in the ice with steam coming out of it.

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  2. Beautiful photos!!!
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  3. these are beautiful photos. great blog--and just followed you on bloglovin and google. i would be honored if you connect with on BOTH. :) cheers from usa!


  4. Enjoying fishing! Wow, I'd like to try that some time...