четверг, 22 ноября 2012 г.

do you want to party?

When you're alone for five days and you're in your native city (which means Dubna for me) what you must obviously do is to organize a party. So did I. Me and my wonderful Irina invited some friends from Moscow to come over and tried to make some kind of Mexican party - didn't have mich of Mexica though. Except tequila :) And it was a great fun even though I was as usually ill. Hopefully we will repeat this both in Dubna and Moscow soon!

We didn't find any sombreros so we had Andy the Cowboy.

Watching Three Steps Above Heaven and preparing for the party.

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  1. yellow mug on the table. i had exact the same one like 15 years ago :D

    1. Oh yes, I'd say this one is smth like this old :)
      But still the best dishes I've ever seen!)