вторник, 6 ноября 2012 г.

from germany. with love.

Sorry for being not with you for such a long time! Actually, a month ago I returned from my Germany trip. And I loved it so much that I can't describe it!!!
I spent two months with summer students - 41 fantastic persons, guys, it was a great pleasure! Now I have friends all around the world and I can't wait for our reunion!
Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Arheileger Hof Hotel - I will never ever forget!

And I miss you, miss you every day, my dear!

Ok, enough feelings for now! Here are some pictures from my great work practice at GSI Summer Student Program. I'll browse through my pictures later and you will definetely see some more from me!

All of us, missing Krzysztof only!

Frankfurt Main Tower

During the football cup with Juraj - I was fan and secretary of our team. We loosed, though :)

Our Wiesbaden trip.

Cable road at Rudesheim.
After my presentation - we made a presentation and report about our work - happy and relieved with my Ukranians!

"You haven't truly lived until someone somewhere puts up a sign because of something you did" - this is how you have to have fun! Inscription in out hotel :)

More photos coming soon!

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