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germany part three - nuremberg

Hello people! Sorry for little absence, I was quite busy last week moving to a new room in my dorm - moving my things, buying stuff & arranging repairs. When I will be done with decorating, I'll show you everything. Room is small, but I will live alone whilst before I shared a room with other girl, so everything is for the best.
Also I have bad news, my little niece who's even above one year old is in hospital. She has problems with stomach, when she appeared to feel bad paramedicals took her and she had a surgery, than one more yesterday. She will stay in hospital for three months and will have one more surgery later. Oh dear, she is so little and problems are so huge! My prays for her.

Coming to a topic of this post, this is part three of my Germany trip, now it is Nuremberg, where we went with a university excursion. Thу city is nice, clean and beautiful, we also visited Nazi museum and it was very interesting, I understood how little I actually know about the history of the beginning of Second World War and Hitler himself.

Ali was taking picture of my adidas wings sneakers, haha :)

I am sorry for almost no information, I do not remember names of all places we've visited there... I will try my best!

Very-very weird monument. I don't have better photos but it is actually a boat filled with this kind of creatures.

I believe every german city has a Marktplatz and a castle.

I am always fascinated with organs...

This looked like a very nice place, but the waiter we got and the food were frustrating :(

Nuremberg castle (I told you! :)


We got to see a contest of yellow bath ducks! I believe the owner of the winner got a car as a prize (anyone knows the name of this wonderful event?)


Reichsparteitagsgelaende (break your tongue!) is a museum opened in a building which was nazi but wasn't finished. I didn't know that Nuremberg was such an important part of all this, this building is one of a group - huge propaganda buildings killing the personality, amazing experience.

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  1. Gorgeous photos, looks like so much fun! Shame the food at that restaurant wasn't good as it looked lovely! xoxo
    The perks of being a hipster

  2. Love your blogposts sooo much! Followed you! :) Hope you can check out my blog and follow me back! :)

  3. stunning photos! thank you for sharing your travel photos.

    x http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  4. I have been in Germany countless times and I have loved it all the times! Such great photos, love the architecture!


    1. I've lived there for two months, and really in love with the country!

  5. Nice photos! :)
    Lea <3