среда, 4 декабря 2013 г.

spain part nine and last - shopping

Whoah, finally the last post! Hopefully next time I won't make nine posts about one trip, but it is so hard for me not to show you all I've seen!
I've complained about shopping in Spain, but guess it was just some bad luck - everyone told me they had a great experience there. But I still bought some stuff and here it is :)

CKIN2U duty free perfume.

Rings, H&M (set is similar to one I've bought in Germany).

Sunglasses, Bianco.

While being in Spain I ran out of some beauty stuff. I really-really enjoyed this Douglas make-up remover, unfortunately I bought a small size and here in Moscow there's no such brand.

Striped tops. Zara. I LOVE STRIPES!!!

Bag, H&M. Not really fond of this one, but it was a necessity and simple black one was the best choice.

Cardigan, H&M. Perfect cozy one.

Impulsive purchase from Prague - Krtek! This is a mole, cartoon character from the czhech cartoon I used to watch when I was a child. So cute!

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