среда, 11 декабря 2013 г.

imagine - book advice

I would like to tell you about the book I've read recently, which is "Imagine" by Jonah Lehrer. I got it accidentally because I am subscribed to an "english-learning" page on vk.com and was hugely impressed with it. The book really changed my mind about some stuff and that is why I want to share my feelings with you, my dear readers.

This book is about creativity and insights, on the cover it says "Imagine. How creativity works." The author shows from different points of view, what influences our ideas and our imagination - how it works biologically, how were great inventions made, why brainstorming is a bad idea and crowded bathrooms are good one. How are greatest companies like Google or Apple organized inside, what's the difference between "insight-art" and "on-drugs-art" and why Israel is a good place for sharing ideas.

I've learned enormous things about creativity and imagination. I am a physicist, but I also work as a designer and both science and art need creativity, fresh ideas and insights. But it is never easy, as some people may think, great ideas are unique and they don't come to your head immediately when you need one, even if you are "ought" to be creative and overfilled with cool new stuff, and "Imagine" cleared some points of the process for me, I really started thinking easier about the way you create something new.

I would recommend this book for everyone, because the way new ideas appear in people's heads is fascinating and, probably, you will be the one who has the greatest idea in the world and should just get it out of your head? :)

If you had read this book, please share your opinion! And if you know something similar, I would like to read something else on this topic, personally, I'll definetely read other books of Jonah Lehrer! Are you reading anything good at the moment?

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  1. you have made me curios, I would look for it definitely

  2. wow this review definitely made me curious as I would love to read a book like that! I think I will even order it! :)

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  3. Wonderful! Wish you Amazing Holidays *_*