пятница, 27 января 2012 г.


Just the next day after my exams were over I knew what I`m going to do - shopping! I always thought that it is very unfair that I need to pass exams exactly when there are sales. Though, there was still some left (after a month of sales) so I wasn`t without buys I deserved :)

First of all at Sunday I went to Bolshoy Theatre to take my tickets - at the end of February we are going to operetta here. It is rather difficult to buy tickets - when the main stage was opened again, people started buying tickets so we weren`t able to buy normal tickets to a show earlier than the end of February. I`m really afraid to forget about it :)

And after that I went to shopping center (just nearby the theatre, luckly). It was so cool - I don`t need to think about working, studying for some time. And I was buying and buying and buying... already a week passed but I still can`t stop :)

Here are a part of stuff I bought (just can`t take another pictures, sorry).

I think this skull pendant from Pull&Bear is my best buy this time :)

Good weekend everyone! As for me, I`m going to have a party today :) 25 January is called "Student`s Day" in Russia, so we have what to celebrate!

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