суббота, 21 января 2012 г.

la vida loca

Finally, finally, finally my exams are all passed!!! This was really hard... four exams, lots of material... and only three days to prepare to every one. I don`t know how, but I was fantastically fortunate (good karma, you know :), so I got all 5 marks (it means "A"). Today we went to a skating-rink - some kind of celebration.
So now I will finally have some rest: sleep a lot, walk, have fun - and no books :) And do some shopping also! Tomorrow I`m going to a hairdresser`s - I got tired of my long hair, thinking about cutting it. I`ll show you my new haircut later.
As a present for passed exams Mom bought me Victoria`s Secret t-shirt (wanted it for long time!).
And now I`m going to a cinema - "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo" is waiting for me. Have fun and good weekend everyone!

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  1. sooo lucky i love victoria secret!
    cant wait for the store to open in London
    love your blog very interesting follow back?
    check out my blog www.fashionfootprints.blogspot.com

    1. Unfortunately we have Victoria`s Secret "Beauty & accessorizes" shop(
      Yep, I`ll follow you with pleasure)

  2. oh my good u're exams are over, mine are only starting :(
    Awesome results, all A!!When i've done my exams i'm also gonna peper myself with a lipsitck from Chanel, not as cosy as your sweather but it'll make me happy :D

    1. I`ve greated myself with lots of shopping) it will be in my next post)
      thank you)