суббота, 16 июня 2012 г.

dark shadows

More than a month ago we celebrated my Mom`s birthday. We met our relatives at the restaraunt, I was especially glad to see my cousins (in fact they are not cousins for me, in Russian language there is a special term for this kind of sisters... but I`ll call them like that).
We went to cinema to watch Dark Shadows. I really liked the atmosphere of this movie, characters and how did they look like...but story itself... I think it was crumpled a bit. And Eva Green was amasing as a witch, really.
I wore my new dress from KiraPlastinina. I`m in love with the color, at the beginning of May, which occured to be really cold, I already felt like summer. Unfortunately, something wrong was with my hair... maybe the answer is that I slept only 4 hours after my friend`s birthday party the day before, woke up at 5 a.m. to go back to Moscow from Dubna... not an easy day at all...

Me and my sister Anya.

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