пятница, 27 июля 2012 г.


picture from downtown.ru

Not so long time ago I explored postcrossing.com. And I think It`s just great idea. Now it`s age of internet, and in Russia, despite USA, for example, we really do not use post anymore, when you can easily send all the neccesary information via Internet.
If you are not familiar with the consept, this service gives you a random adress of person anywhere around the world, and you send him or her a postcard. By the same way service gives some person your adress. And when you reseive a postcard, you register it.
It`s very funny and a little romantic, I think.
I`ve already registered here, and now just need to find some postcards at the city where nobody sends it!
I encourage you, guys, to do the same!

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