понедельник, 2 июля 2012 г.


19 May (this year) we celebrated Physicist`s Day - main holiday among all the physicists of our department.

I`m organizer of this wonderful holiday, so my job started few months before it.
As two earlier years, I were working in the group of artists: we make t-shirts, magnets, balloons and etc. with symbols of Physicist`s Day, posters and the main thing is facade. It is huuuge (81 sq. meters) piece of fabrics which is hung on the building of our department. This year we make a joke about the end of the year on the facade. It is a long process - first night we sew it, then colour it in another two or three nigts, because there are no space to do it at daytime.
There are lots of events happen at Physicist`s Day, and enormous amount of people, especially in the evening. As for me, I`ve organized game with our teachers - a traditional thing on Physicist`s Day. I made it for the first time...well not everything went clear, but I`m still proud of myself :)

Some photos from the day:

My game!

The worst thing being an organizer is that there are no photos with me:( This one is from auction - I won lovely bunny slippers. And this photo is lovely too :))

Crowds of people in here!

And how could I forget? I`m a Student of The Year! Receiving it on the third year of education is a rare thing, you know :)

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