среда, 9 января 2013 г.

i bought

Hello everyone!
Well, these are things which I bought as New Year presents (I've probably mentioned this before - in Russia we celebrate New Year rather than Christmas and that's the time we give each other presents). Sorry for being silent for more than a week - exams are killing me slowly, I've passed three of six and hopefully not going insane before the end!
Anyway, these are my presents, Christmas and New Year have passed by now, but probably, if you need some inspiration that will help you. Enjoy!

Topshop socks with planets for my friend. She is an astronomer, so I think this is a genius present!

Pants for my friend, Topshop. I've mentioned it in my last year present's post (this year coming later). Me and Irina have a tradition of giving each other pants every year, but actually I didn't do it for a few years...so now I've bought them for all years at once.

Pandora charms for my Mom. I think the matryoshka one (traditional Russian doll) is so cute!

Hair products for my Grandma. I've never heard about this brand before, just wanted to present her something more luxury than usual things from supermarket.

Levis belt for my Dad.

T-shirts for my brother, Bershka.

Phone case for my friend, River Island. I think the tassel is super-cute!

4 комментария:

  1. Great present there, I love the astronomy socks! John Frieda is a really good hair care brand :) xo


    1. thank you, I've tried their shampoo&conditioner, after disaster Yves Rocher ones these were like heaven!)

  2. Great gifts! I really love the phone case, and agree that the tassel is so cute! :)