вторник, 22 января 2013 г.

present post

First of all, congrats to me! I'm finally done with my exams (I passed the last one yesterday), so now you will hear more from me.

As I've said, now it is time for a present post. I promise, there's only one more post related for New Year coming and I'm done!

A hoodie. Letters a greek, but Russian-like and the abbrevation means something like "Organization comitee of Physicist's Day". From my organization comitee, obviously.

Home-made soap. So sweet!

Konad stamping set. I quickly tried it - I definetely need to train more, and I really like it and look forward to buy some more palettes (?)

A little super-cute pine tree!

Toy giraffe :)

A stand and a pedal for my composer - things I've asked my parents about. It's good when you need a thing and get it. Now I have some more motivation to play.

An IPhone case from my brother. Again, super-cute

A Pandora bracelet.

Swarovski earrings and necklace and Chezh chocolate from my friend.

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