воскресенье, 27 января 2013 г.

new year time

28th of January and the last post about New Year. Doing it pretty quick, huh?
The thing is that I have a bunch of photos I took during New Year, which sum up the mood and the feeling of this marvellous time. Enjoy :)

...evening at the theatre. No, I wasn't screaming. I laugh like that :)

...celebrating new year with my comitee.

...doing my Mom's hair. Kind of our tradition since I was four. Involves makeup sometimes :)

...I've finally tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects which was on sale at Douglas. And I was really disappointed. It looks really nice, easy to apply...but it started falling off (?) the tips of my nails the same evening. Maybe I did something wrong...but it is not for me to pay twice more than you can pay to buy normal nailpolish (Sally Hansen for example!) which will last at least a bit longer...

...a weirdo.

...festive cooking.

...having guests.

...decorated TV-set at my room.

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