суббота, 4 января 2014 г.

posvyat style

Hello there! How were your first days of 2014? Mine were pretty well, and I got some blogging vacation, which I am sorry about, as usual. I thought I'll be posting something every day, but then I realized I just want to spend some quality time with my family and enjoy my holidays. Now I am back on track, being a "responsible" blogger I will now make a post about... September event. No idea how to hurry myself up and update you with up-to-date news, really.

The September event I am talking about is our traditional faculty one, called The Initiation (sounds quite cool, isn't it?). It happens every year in September for our freshmen students. This takes the whole weekend and the idea is that they have to put some effort to become real physics students.

It takes place somewhere in the forest not very far from Moscow, and it is one of my favorite events to be honest, a few hundred people come "camping" for a few days (when it is quite cold already), a team of organizers spend enormous amount of time to prepare the whole thing, and what you feel there is that you are a part of this physical community and feel really proud about it. I know that after 30 years ago this tradition started on our faculty others make their own initiations as well, but no one of them have such an atmosphere and popularity as our does *proud there*.

Being one of organizers I made double duty this year, first of all I was as usual the head artist - we made a lot of simple paintings to decorate the place and also I was on duty to one of parts of the initiation itself. It was my first time to do that, it didn't really go very smooth... but as we say here in Russia first pancake went as lump. Next year I will make it ten times better :)

I know how simple is this thing but always feel so proud of myself!

My part of the initiation, yeey!

I am not a "camper" person as well but just can't wait for the next initiation! But three days in a forest are my limit for the whole year, my need for "wild" life is filled with making it once a year, haha :)

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