среда, 15 января 2014 г.

autumn-winter everydays

Bits and bobs from my autumn and (the beginning of) winter!

I've decided to buy this Clinique blush quite long ago, because my mom has one and I liked it a lot, but suddenly everywhere they ran out of these blushes, probably because Clinique don't produce it anymore. Luckly, Mom found one! I love it, the color and quality are perfect!

Photo with my best friend from super-old photoshoot for Project818, discovered lately. We are different, but we are together =)

Fireworks, and I completely don't remember for what reason they were done...

Super-late present for my birthday (for 2012 one, I mean), haha.

A touching present from my friend, who knew I wanted to read "The Little Prince".

A friend's birthday party.

Accidental present from my mom.

Cooking for the first time using my fast-cooker - Egyptan-styled soup, turned out delicious!

An evening with a friend and delicious stuff.

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