понедельник, 13 января 2014 г.

birthday girl

On 21st of October I officially turned 21! From one side, this is quite a lot, I really don't feel like being in my twenties already, but I also feel like this is a beginning of something new and incredible (although I recently saw a picture that before 21 you are growing and after 21 you are aging and that bugs me ^^).
I want to claim that in this post I am not showing off in any way, the thing is that all my friends and family were incredible this year, all I got for my birthday are things I wanted and really needed. I decided not to celebrate my birthday but they've thrown me a surpsire party! Insane! I can't wish for better people in my life, thank you (you know who you are =))!

Beginning of the day.

Starbucks cup, I was craving for it for years.

Some austrian chocolate and liquior from my roommate who recently made a trip to Austria and Italy.

I asked my parents to present me a toaster and a fast-cooker, these things made my life in a dorm a little bit easier.

French press. My room is an official coffee-making place now!

Wall stickers, I've decorated my room with it (sooner or later I will make a room toor).

New charm for my Pandora bracelet - Sagrada Famiglia, as a memory of my summer Spain trip.

Housewarming present - a flower. Although, it has died. Sorry for a friend who gave it to me, but I am just not a flower-keeper, unfortunately.

Furla bag and wallet, super-cool! Bag is just perfect for me, as well as my favorite color - deep blue.

Seal from my friend who lives in Irkutsk.

This probably excites me the most - complete Harry Potter collection! I have all books in russian but wanted an English version as well. This was a long story how my friends got an information that I want them, really amazed me!

Super-soft mint scarf.

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  1. Birthday Well it's fine, and no reason to be sad about what you've become a year older. And friends and friends of the fact that to hold such surprises. Good gifts. I see you're very fond of reading, and you already own books Arrivals

  2. Wow, you were very spoilt! Lucky you! Wish you the happiest of birthdays x

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