воскресенье, 31 марта 2013 г.

not the end

The word "promise" doesn't ring a bell to me, huh? Sorry again (and again and again)! I've had some fantastic time lately, so totally forgot to make some new posts on my blog! For example, I've been to Saint Petersburg this weekend! I love this city, I haven't been there for almost three years, so await some photos, I didn't switch off my camera for two days in a row!

What about this post, it's just some outfit photos. Probably, you remember this dress from KiraPlastinina...yeah, you'll have a chance to get tired of it, I love it a lot! It's totally me - simple color with bright details, light and girly in a calm way. Sometimes people are divided into "summer", "spring" and etc, considering their color-type. I'm completely autumn, and not only because my birthday is in October, but also cause I have dark brown eyes, light skin and brown (now reddish) hair. Me and this dress make a perfect match I think!

Best photos appeared to be blurry. Let's call it my personal style.

Btw, this is my very first look uploaded to starpiq. Still rather new and very cool online lookbook! You can find this look (and my profile ) here. Don't forget to register and leave your "like" if you like it! See you all very soon!

4 комментария:

  1. Не ужели ты написала пост,я очень рада за тебя что ты нашла время)Да платье прекрасное,оно мне напоминает осень или конец лета!

    1. Горжусь собой сама, честное слово :) да, в нем есть что-то такое, но при этом можно носить в любое время года мне кажется))

  2. Love the dress and you look so pretty!
    I actually just posted! I can't wait to see what you think about my outfit ;)!

    Come by soon!