пятница, 1 марта 2013 г.


Oh, darlings, I'm so sorry! I'm trying to be into my studies (not very well, to be true), I got cold (again), and I've checked my blog with: "Whoah, I haven't posted anything for two weeks"! That's not how it has to be, I'll try to be more "updative" for now.

What I wanted to show you today are some photos from our prom which was on 25th of January (I'm a slowpoke, I know). It wasn't mine prom, fortunately I still have two more years of study, but a friend of mine asked me to help there, and as far as I have a lot of friends who graduated this year it was totally fun!

I wore a new dress from KiraPlastinina, which was on sale and the price was really good! I don't have a full picture of it, but you can guess the rest - some more stripes of mustard, green and blue colors!

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  1. Хорошое платье для начала весны)

    1. Спасибо) хоть и куплено оно было еще до Нового Года)

  2. Great blog! Love your look!
    Maybe you would like to follow each other? Check my blog and let me know!

  3. You look great:) Love the colours of your dress!x