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spain part four - visiting salt lakes

Torrevieja is a special city in some way because it is located between sea and two salt lakes (don't ask me about their names, it is too complicated). They are closed for publicity - there are factories producing salt which you can buy in every store, but there is a way to visit one of them. So once we did it and, of course, chose the most hot part of the day... This fortunately was worth the efforts and we found our way safely.

Mountains of salt.

Water has incredible light-pink color there. Bottom is covered with salt crystals so it is hard to stand barefeet, water is as dense as oil and when you take your hand out salt crystallises immediately on it.

The lake may be probably compared to Dead Sea in Israel but with less salt density.

Btw, we got into the local newspaper! When we were at the lake some journalists came to make a report and took pictures of us. Unfortunately, they didn't speak English so a name of a newspaper is a mystery... :)

Also, this lake has theraupetic mud. People cover themselves with it and go to the lake. Skin really feels incredibly soft afterwards, but you have to carry fresh water to wash because it is not safe to leave salty water on your skin.

We were very tired and on our way found amazing restaurant with the nicest host ever. And fig tree growing in the yard. I've even saved it's card to come back once.

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