пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

spain part three - sun & fun in torrevieja

Warning! (and spoiler) This post is going to be real summer-summery, so if you're surviving poop autumn like I do here in Moscow...than sorry! :)

Okay, last time we stopped on our way to our exact destination - Torrevieja, which is a small city on the coast (Costa Blanca to be precise). These two weeks were incredible - sun, sea and good company. Gosh I miss just five-minute way to the beach! Next summer we'll do the same, no doubt.

Tourist center of the city - little shops, food, amusement park and all that stuff.

Oh yeah, when you're with me you'll have to try all the scariest rollercoasters presented (this one was almost the scariest, haha).

On the pier by night when it is so dark that you can't see a border between sea and sky - seems like the end of the world.

Who tried this one? A bunch of ten-year-olds with parents and us... Don't exactly understand my feelings about that :)

Mediterranean it is.

One way - to the sea!

THIS. WAS. AT. OUR. YARD. Can you believe people can have a pool just like this? I am as jealous as hell for that!


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