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spain part two - more about madrid

Yep, this is the second post about Madrid!

Just at one of the exits from Jardin del Buen Retiro we found this beautiful garden. I've never seen trees trimmed like this and it looks so cute!

These ones look even better!

Hey, me!

Madrid Atocha railway station - here we came after Barcelona to catch our flight back.

Plaza Mayor. Actually, we were surprised that "major" square is so small. But afterwards the forgotten guidebook told us that we haven't seen the really main plaza which is also called center of Spain if I remember right. Walking without map and guidebook is playing dice.

We've tried some shops but were too tired to really evaluate things, which was so wrong! We had our hopes on Barcelona but found almost nothing, shame. I were also quite surprised with how Desigual shops are popular in Spain. It's really not everyone's cup of tea. Personally I like the clothes, but they're too bright for me to wear and quite expensive and I can't consider buying an expensive thing when I'm not even sure I'll be brave enough to wear it. Do you like Desigual or not? Really want to know how do other people feel about it.

Some good jamon, obviously. I think we ate not less than 2 kilos in two weeks, haha.

Shopping street. There I found a really nice bag but decided that I were too tired to take a close look so postponed all shopping till Barcelona. Stupid me...


Afterwards we finally took a bus to Torrevieja which took us all night to reach. Quite a tiring way to travel, but still amazing!

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