вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.


Good morning, boys and girls!
I'd like to begin with the story happened to me actually on Friday. I hope it will teach you something and you will not do the same thing ever.
My lovely Irina asked me for some help - she wanted to make a surprise to her boyfriend (they had an anniversary on Friday). He is a physicist as well and lives in the same dormitory as I do. The surprise was to cook a dinner for him - nothing serious, just Caesar salad and an apple pie. We needed pieces of toasted bread for the salad, so I suggested not to go and roast them at the kitchen (which is just horrible in our dorm) but to use microwave oven. I put pieces of bread to the oven, chose the maximum power and left them for 5 minutes.
Oh my God. When I've noticed the smell, it was already too late. When I've opened the oven, awful yellow smoke came out. The plate cracked, bread was all burned down. But the most serious thing was that the fire alarm responsed. Also, we can't open the window in my room, girl from another room was sleeping. Ira felt sick immediately because of the smoke. Fireman and other people came, so I had to explain what happened and write an explanation paper...
I smelt like a giant toast for a while. Our oven still smells although I've washed it twice already and one more time with vinegar.
Please, be careful with such a things if you don't want to burn down your flat, dorm or whatever.

Sorry for depressing post, but I think it is really serious thing to mention here. Now, something more cheerful. I've bought myself a new pair of UGG boots, cause it turned out that it's the only way to survive severe Russian winter, This time I chose Bailey Button Triplet ones and just can't wait to wear it!

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