вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.

december everyday's

Not enough for 5 posts, but enough for one joint! Just some sneak peek from my everyday life, not only from december actually :)

A chocolate heart I got as a birthday present from Tanya.

Our Dubna coffee machine. Miss it always.

At a lecture. There must be about 150 people instead of 15! There's only tumbleweed missing for the whole impression.

I just love the combination of dark red nailpolosh and green leaf ring.

My usual Monday at Sternberg Astronomical Institute. Love this place, very cozy and they have great sofas. Oh, and free Wi-Fi.

Getting dressed for my friends birthday party - now you can see which dress I chose. More about a party and about my new spikey boots later :)

Evening at Fuller's pub with Polina. It was just after I smoked the whole dorm, so good ale was definetely a must.

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