вторник, 11 декабря 2012 г.

first snow

First Snow is one of the events on my faculty I didn't tell you about before. It's an art festival for whole university, organized & bazed on my faculty (Faculty of Physics, to remind). There are a lot of contests whithin our festival - music, songs, photography, literature and etc. The newest contest is freezelight - if you are not familiar with it, it is "drawing" with light in front of the camera in darkness. I've tried once, and it is very funny.
Every contest has it's host from organization comitee, I'm the host of dance competition (what a surprise, no? :D) This year I had twice more participants than a year ago, and, as always, I'm very proud with my winners!
Also, I'm the host of Final Show - this is a show where we reward winners in every competition, and the ones which can show their performance (like song or dance), do it to public. This year we made our show at Moscow Hall - a nice club in the center of Moscow. Unfortunately, weather was awful, there was snowstorm for two days, roads were a real disaster, so there were not as many people as we expected.
But, all in all, it was real fun, I'm very proud to see so many gifted & talented people from my Uni.
Here are some pictures from the event, unfortunately, a huge minus of being an organizer that there are usually no photos with you :( But I managed to do one, yeey!

Dancers - winners of my competition. Again, how proud I am! Every years I feel like they are my children :)

Here you can see my "shade" on the stage while rewarding girls.

One of the two photos with me! Another one is horrible, sorry! You can chek out the amount of badges, a transmtter and other staff hanging on me. Every time I went to the stage, I had to take everything off and than on again...

Also, it is not seen very well on the photos, I was wearing my new red Zara peplum skirt which I'm actually in love with.

A better look of it, except that mine is red :)

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  1. The dance show looked really fun, the pictures are beautiful! Your skirt is fab! :) xo