пятница, 7 декабря 2012 г.

one dubna day

I spent two wonderful days in Dubna few weeks ago. There's nothing to say - I've been living in Moscow for like 8 years now, but still consider Dubna as my native city. Feel something fantasnic being there!
I want to share it with you, guys :)

Just came home - view from my windows to the lake & shopping center "Mayak" ("Lighthouse")

The reason I came to Dubna - I was changing my passport as far as I turned 20 not that far ago :) That was a quest, because a lady at the passport center didn't like my photo for no reason. So, I have something like 45 minutes before the end of the working day, sore feet and no other chance to come with my documents at this weekend. And I managed this! I mention this because I had a story like this when I made a foreign passport last year. It's a fate.

Already icy... Hello winter.

Joint Institute For Nuclear Research administrative building

Dubna "house of culture" - some flashback from USSR. A place for concerts, shows and etc.
Monument of Vladimir Vysotsky - famous USSR singer

Something VERY strange on the bank of Volga river. I hope that's snow.

Dubna yacht club.

I had a great ending of weekend watching Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 and drinking beer - so matchy haha! :)

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