суббота, 22 декабря 2012 г.


For quite a long time I was searching for the prefect idea of jewellery storing. I have quite a lot of defferent jewellery, cause (as you may have noticed) I buy it literally all the time.
I have a shelf only in my dorm where I can keep it, and before I just had a lot of different boxes - one with rings, another with bracelets and etc. But it is really unconvenient if you need something from the lowest box - you need to raise all the other ones.
I've been thinking of buying a few boxes for photos - usually they are quite big, and look nice. But, when I went to Ikea with my Mom a few weeks ago I found the best solution ever - this nice blue box! I'm sorry, I can't remember how it is called, but you can find it in children section. Because of sectioned interior (you have a set of delimeters so organize the space yourself) you can store whatever you want, and I've notices that my necklaces got tangled less.
Almost al my jewellery fitted into the box, so I'm thinking about buying one more!

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