воскресенье, 2 июня 2013 г.

8 march

If you've nevere heard about that, in Russia and some other countries 8th of March is celebrated as International Women's Day, although it is not that international. Men have to be real gentelmen this day and a lot of flowers are bought for loved people. As for me, this 8th of March was nice and easy, I spent it with my family at the restraunt and got some lovely presents. Take a look!

Day started with some fresh tulips which are traditional flowers on Women's Day. It is always nice and funny when my brother and father are preparing to make a surpsise and get up really early to get some flowers.

My Pandora bracelet got some new charms! First af all, it's a charm with Brandenburg Gate as a memory for my Germany (and Berlin) trip last summer. Also, there are two new green murano glass charms and two Heartsease flower charms. Starting with three charms only, now my bracelet looks much more beautiful.

I got a pajama and lovely slippers from Etam form my Mom. As far as I remember, I haven't buy any pajamas for two years at least, cause my Mom is on duty of that X).

"Oh, hey, what are you doing here?". Love my cats.

I like everything considering hairstyle, and for some time I've even thought of taking stylist courses (it's pretty expensive unfortunately). So I were really glad to get a book aboud braids from my brother. Now I have short hair and not all the braids are possible with it, but when I'm in a mood to make a hairstyle, I always find a victim - Mom or my roommate. If it will be possible, I'll show you the result from this book.

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