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unbelievable minsk

Hello guys! How are you doing? I'm dealing with my exams (again) but I have to say it is for the first time they are actually easy, had to learn for four years to reach this level!
Today I'm gonna tell about my Minsk trip, which was at the end of April. Last year I had a post about the Physicist's Day, important celebration in our University. Other universities, not only in Russia, also have their own Physicist's Days, and there's amazing tradition of "guests" - all these days are celebrated from the beginning of April till the end of May, and different universities gather together to have a celebration. Minsk's one is very popular among our University, and it happened that for three years I wasn't able to come, so it was my first DF at Minsk.
It was amazing, these three days were full of events, fun and new people, I'll never forget this! Let's begin from the start, and be ready to scroll - this post is going to be huge!

We came on Friday's early morning. On our first day we came to our appartments, there were contests, auction, hosts' consert at their faculty and party at the quay. Also, we had some time to walk around the city. Minsk is very clean, comparing to Moscow there are almost no people, prices are very low.

They have a lot of funny contests, where you can win badges, magnets and other small things - like shooting at teachers' photos, finding beer among mineral waters (at this photo) and others.

I *ghhhm* got married. It's a tradition (in our university as well) - physical registry office, where you can have a physical marriage. I have to claim that my marriage wasn't a free will. My "husband" just brought me to the place, although I tried to explain that I am too young to get married. Actually, we divorced the same day.

Inscription means "Faculty of Physics".

Another funny tradition is sealed-bid auction. They say only description of a lot, and usually the real thing is what you will never expect. We bought a lot called "Phoenix", and got this...jar filled with feathers and dust. They said "Here is your own phoenix, it will re-birth soon!" One more lot was a pink air-valve, and it was called "Everything will come out". So cool!

I am so positive.

On our second day we had guests' concert and a banquet.

On our way to the banquet.

A lot people there! Can you find me?

Third day was easy and more relaxed - everyone come to a special place in a forest to have a bbq and play sports. This year Physicist's Days happened to be a week earlier, so there still was snow there, I was lucky to take my gumboots with me!

I am very happy that I came there, I met lots of nice people, these three days were great, can't wait till next year to come again!

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  3. Lovely photos! The marriage concept is soo cute and sweet. Cngratulations! :)
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