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saint petersburg day 2

Let me continue with my Saint Petersburg trip!
Our second day started not very early, cause on the first day, after all formal events we also had a party - Moscow and Saint Petersburg astronomers, that was cool!
I had a "list" of things I wanted to visit at Saint Petersburg since my last visit there. Well, didn't manage everything I wanted, but now I have a reason to come back!

The main aim was to visit Saint Isaac's Cathedral, cause the last time it was already closed. It is one of the highest building at the city centre, and the view from it's colonnade is amazing! There I have to mention that I have a light form of agoraphobia, it's when you are scared if wide-open spaces. For me it also includes phobia of height, I feel vertigo every time I am on a high floor, and have to wait about ten minutes to calm down. But I really wanted to visit the colonnade, there are no elevators, so you have to take about 200 steps by small spiral stairs and then have to take open stairs right to the colonnade - that was so scary for me! I told my friend Tigran that if I'll start to fall down, he must be ready to catch!
View from the colonnade to the square in front of Saint Isaac's Cathedral.

Amazing view on the Vasilyevsky Island and the port! I madly want to visit the port next time I'll be at Saint Petersburg!

Inside Saint Isaac's Cathedral - very beautiful! Also, if you go round it, you can find a place on the stairs with the marks of German projectiles from Second World War.

Our next stop was to visit Kunstkamera, it is the first museum in Russia. Established by Peter the Great and completed in 1727, the Kunstkammer Building hosts the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. Inside it is very interesting, but, well, the most interesting part is anotomical - different human abnormalities and rarities. Actually, it is prohibited to take photos there... and I was told it in the beginning but forgot about it. Serious lady from the museum was furious :)

After that we were walking on the Neva river! It was frozen, and ice is so thick that you can almost take a walk from one island to another! That is totally crazy, my agoraphobious brain was mad :) That was not right for it to walk there normally you can't! Also you can see Palace Bridge, which is currently under construction. It's one of that bridges which a drawn by night at summer.

I had to make a proof that we were actually walking on Neva river ice!

After that we just had a meal and headed to the train station, Moscow greated us with a snowstorm and half meter of snow on the roads, ohh... That was a great weekend, can't wait to come to my dream city once more!

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  1. wowww, incredible post honey, i want to go there!!


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    i cant believe you were walking on the frozen river!
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  3. Great pictures.

    Have a great weekend!