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saint petersburg day 1

Hello everyone!
Today I've passed my first exam, Numerical Methods. I got an A, but it was totally awful. I'm a neurotic type, and anxious stomach ache is a normal thing before an exam or any other important day for me. Usually I come an hour before an exam actually starts to calm down. Well, today was my own record, cause I felt sick starting from yesterday evening. When it came to asking me, I guess I've scared teacher with my light-green face :) He was very soft and nice with me, like he was afraid I will faint away. Well, everything for the good!

At the end of March I had a weekend-trip to Saint Petersbutg. Except Dubna, Saint Petersburg is my favourite city in the whole Russia. It's old, beautiful, gives you a really special feeling. Also, there are a lot of big and small rivers, water, what I am used to. I love it, although I've been there only once three years ago.
The reason for me to come was an equinox. Astronomers from Moscow State University and asronomers from Saint Petersburg State University are actually friends, and on autumn equinox they meet at Moscow, and on spring one they meet at Saint Petersburg. I am a cosmologist, but actually it's a really close to astronomy branch of physics. I have a lot of friends at astronomy department (including my Polina), so they asked me if I want to go. Of course I do!
We stayed there for two days, first day was some events at the university and second day was just walking and visiting some places I've planned to.

Saturday morning, coming to Saint Petersburg. Russian train, haha! That was not my place, fortunately, but Polina's. While I felt totally warm and slept tight, she had to sleep wearing her coat, omg. Actually, on that weekend weather there was much better than in Moscow! Coming back was a huge disappointment.

S-Pb is a city of wonderful small confectioneries. All different, food is amazing at every one!

Heaven berry tart at Metropol.

Singer house.

Church of the Savior on Blood. Has to be added to my "What-to-visit-at-Saint-Petersburg-next-time" list.

Saint Isaac cathedral. We visited it on Sunday, I'll show it at my next post!

Palace Square, heart of Saint Petersburg. I have no proper photos of Hermitage Museum, but it is just in front if this building. I also have to visit it next time, such a priceless amount of art at one building!

Polina found a nice photo of me at the Saint Petersburg University. There were some events considering equinox - funny traditional stuff, I've enjoyed it a lot - pseudoscientific conference, choosing queen of astronomy (oh yeah!) and others. Also, I've met some awesome people!

At the end of the "program" we had a procession through the forest with fires. It was just like in childhood - snowfights and tobogganing! We were all wet but totally happy!

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