понедельник, 30 января 2012 г.


About a week ago a real Russian winter came to our land. It is -16 dergees by Celsium (means 3,2 degrees by Fahrenheit). I`m not a kind of person who adores cold weather, but I think I couldn`t ever live in the place where is always warm. In summer I really miss winter, and in winter I really miss summer.
I`m spending my vacations in Dubna, and here are photos from my walk.

On the bank of the Volga river.

Ice is beautifully glowing - like brilliants.

Crunching snow.

Cheeks are burned by cold, hair covered with ice - this is real winter!

Lonely fisherman.

Another lonely fisherman.

A hole in the ice with steam coming out of it.

new haircut

Here is the result of my visit to hairdresser`s. I finally decided to cut my long hair off because I really got tired of it. Long hair require too much cares. But you know... I colud remain without any haircut, because my favourite hairdresser`s, PersonaFamily, was closed! It was like the end of the world, you know. I do not trust my hair to every person. Though, I tried to visit another one - PersonaLab, nearest to my home, and it was a lucky decision!

Here is how I finally look like :)

I have really cutted LOTS of hair (a photo from a hairdresser`s).

пятница, 27 января 2012 г.


Just the next day after my exams were over I knew what I`m going to do - shopping! I always thought that it is very unfair that I need to pass exams exactly when there are sales. Though, there was still some left (after a month of sales) so I wasn`t without buys I deserved :)

First of all at Sunday I went to Bolshoy Theatre to take my tickets - at the end of February we are going to operetta here. It is rather difficult to buy tickets - when the main stage was opened again, people started buying tickets so we weren`t able to buy normal tickets to a show earlier than the end of February. I`m really afraid to forget about it :)

And after that I went to shopping center (just nearby the theatre, luckly). It was so cool - I don`t need to think about working, studying for some time. And I was buying and buying and buying... already a week passed but I still can`t stop :)

Here are a part of stuff I bought (just can`t take another pictures, sorry).

I think this skull pendant from Pull&Bear is my best buy this time :)

Good weekend everyone! As for me, I`m going to have a party today :) 25 January is called "Student`s Day" in Russia, so we have what to celebrate!

суббота, 21 января 2012 г.

la vida loca

Finally, finally, finally my exams are all passed!!! This was really hard... four exams, lots of material... and only three days to prepare to every one. I don`t know how, but I was fantastically fortunate (good karma, you know :), so I got all 5 marks (it means "A"). Today we went to a skating-rink - some kind of celebration.
So now I will finally have some rest: sleep a lot, walk, have fun - and no books :) And do some shopping also! Tomorrow I`m going to a hairdresser`s - I got tired of my long hair, thinking about cutting it. I`ll show you my new haircut later.
As a present for passed exams Mom bought me Victoria`s Secret t-shirt (wanted it for long time!).
And now I`m going to a cinema - "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo" is waiting for me. Have fun and good weekend everyone!

понедельник, 9 января 2012 г.

present post

Yep... I was late with my New Year`s presents. A bit :) Here they are!

Glowing USB snowmen. Very cute thing!

One more joystick for our PlayStation and Move set and a dance game for it (yep, I`m a big fan of dancing - wherever way I can :) from my parents for me and my brother.

Panties and earrings from my Mom. Also I got some money from my Grandma.

Two nailpolishes (which I thought to buy for myself... but fortunately didn`t :), panties and mandarin candle from my friend. It`s some kind of tradition - we present each other panties every New Year.

Gloves from my sisters, Adidas.

A YSL set - False Lash Effect mascara and make-up remover (I also saw it in a shop but... don`t know why - I didn`t!)

A Helena Rubinstein eye make-up remover.

Clinique set - mascara and eye liner.

Certainly, presents are great this year. And nothing useless, which is also important. But I still love to present more.

среда, 4 января 2012 г.

how did my new year look like

I wore my favourite dress from prom night (it was 3 years ago, but I`m still in love with this dress :).

Snow beautifully falled down outdoors.

I met my friend and we spent part of this night at my friend`s place. That was really the most funny New Year since I was 14, I think!)