четверг, 22 ноября 2012 г.

perfect red.

I've been hunting for prefect red lipstick for a while since I got tired of sparkling & shining lipglosses. Now I'm more into matt and bright color, but I do have some problems with red - sometimes it looks really awful with my pale skin. I found my perfect color in Rimmel (really have none of their products) - color #230 - Red Fever.

What I really have to mention that these three posts in a row I made when I suddenly woke up at 6 a.m. - a normal time for me is something about 10 unfortunately. And I felt like making posts, so I really colored my lips and made some photos in the middle of the morning. Do I become a blog freak? Or it is just the way to go? Need to remove lipstick as far as it seems that I will fall asleep again very soon... :)

cat hunting

Being in Dubna I've visited my Dad. He has the cutest cats I ever seen (except mine of course). And I couldn't stand of making some pics of these cuties which I want to share with you.
Are you cat lovers or dog lovers? As for me my choise is obvious since my family has cats for more than 20 years :)

People - warm cat furniture.

Three cats - three time more love

Here you can see my new camera as well

do you want to party?

When you're alone for five days and you're in your native city (which means Dubna for me) what you must obviously do is to organize a party. So did I. Me and my wonderful Irina invited some friends from Moscow to come over and tried to make some kind of Mexican party - didn't have mich of Mexica though. Except tequila :) And it was a great fun even though I was as usually ill. Hopefully we will repeat this both in Dubna and Moscow soon!

We didn't find any sombreros so we had Andy the Cowboy.

Watching Three Steps Above Heaven and preparing for the party.

суббота, 10 ноября 2012 г.


Well, I turned 20 on 21st of October! Now I'm oficially old, but lots of my friends who are 23-24 had a reason to make jokes about my age. Two weeks ago I had a birthday party with my friends (actually considering all parties devoted to my b-day, there will be like 4 ones :).
We spent time in nice dj-cafe called Look In, and I got some really nice presents. The most important one, I'd say, was a new camera from my parents, so I'll try to post more from now!

Me, Katya and Katya.

Katya and Mariam.

Playing "Activity". Actually, I've noticed that now we're playing some games much more when, for example, 5 years ago, when drinking was the main aim :)

Me and Tanya.

First time for like 7 years I had a birthday cake!

вторник, 6 ноября 2012 г.

from germany. with love.

Sorry for being not with you for such a long time! Actually, a month ago I returned from my Germany trip. And I loved it so much that I can't describe it!!!
I spent two months with summer students - 41 fantastic persons, guys, it was a great pleasure! Now I have friends all around the world and I can't wait for our reunion!
Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Arheileger Hof Hotel - I will never ever forget!

And I miss you, miss you every day, my dear!

Ok, enough feelings for now! Here are some pictures from my great work practice at GSI Summer Student Program. I'll browse through my pictures later and you will definetely see some more from me!

All of us, missing Krzysztof only!

Frankfurt Main Tower

During the football cup with Juraj - I was fan and secretary of our team. We loosed, though :)

Our Wiesbaden trip.

Cable road at Rudesheim.
After my presentation - we made a presentation and report about our work - happy and relieved with my Ukranians!

"You haven't truly lived until someone somewhere puts up a sign because of something you did" - this is how you have to have fun! Inscription in out hotel :)

More photos coming soon!