среда, 28 марта 2012 г.

hey, sean!

Oh, looks like I`m totally addicted with worlshops are made by Project818. This time Sean Bankhead by himself came to Moscow to show us some fun!
He is really nice guy, amazing dancer and just very funny. Hope he will come back soon, he promised! And now I`m looking forward till the end of April... what famous choreographer will come this time?

Me and Sean! Yeeeey!!! Still so happy ;))

all inclusive

More than a week ago I went to my friend`s burthday party. Day started early with preparations.

Blow-drying my hair.

Choosing clothes - always a hard task :)

And here are some pictures from the party. I totally enjoyed this evening.

Lovely girls and happy smiles.

Girl whose birthday it was. Love you, Nastya!

суббота, 24 марта 2012 г.


Do you know that asos.com has the mobile website?

I had a boring lecture (electromagnetism, yeah...) and tool my cellphone to search for cuticlu oil (mine was over and I wanted to try something new). Fortunarely I have unlimited Internet on my phone, finally turned it on.
I always think about having benefit in prices - I compare it in different places, sometimes bigger volume costs cheaper and so on. So I decided to check Asos, because some stuff is much cheaper there, though my lameass phone becomes too slow browsing big sites including Java or Flash.
And... I saw a mobile version, looking good on my screen, no problems with low speed... oh God!
Now I must tell myself all the time that I mustn`t shop online when I`m sitting on boring lessons :)

P.S. sorry guys for having no news from me, I just have lot`s of work and study now... but I will tell you more today about these weeks passed ;)

пятница, 9 марта 2012 г.


It is always more funny to make self-photos than to do my homework :D

Enjoy! xxx

Yep, this is the table of nuclides on my back. A must-have for every physicist! I`m kidding, ofcourse :) I just wanted to cover an empty wall with something really cool, and my stepfather found this table at his work. To be exact, I have two tables, so I can present it for anybody!


Oh yeah ;) Finally I can show you my brand new calendar "Pizdets" from Artemiy Lebedev`s studio. In fact, on every page there`s illustrations from different artists how do they see the end of the world. I thought it would be more epic, though, but I still like it. I think all the stuff guys from this studio make is very very cool. They are geniuses (is this the right word or not?). I ordered it by internet and received in one offline store right before going to theatre. And, damn you, now it costs 200 rubles cheaper! That`s not fair!

Still, you can enjoy a few pictures if this lovely thing.

воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.


Last week I finally awaited going to Bolshoy Theatre, where I and my Mom were going to watch an operetta. I really enjoy visiting cultural places, there`s another atmosphere here.

It`s me at the theatre lobby.

It was the first time I was at the Bolshoy theatre - it is amazingly beautiful here.

Photos with different perfomances and balleys on the wall.

The hall itself - with beautiful paintings on the ceiling, huge chandelier.

I was charmed with the orchestra. It was so cool watching after them till the preparations. I understood that I knew lots of music from the operetta.

Orchestrator`s HUGE muciall book. Is it only one operetta in it?

The Bat - that`s the operetta I watched!