суббота, 25 января 2014 г.

my favorite feet cream - beauty advice

I find it extremely useful to listen to other bloggers' advices - you can never try that much products by yourself to make your own opinion, but there are people who make it for you (and have lots of fun, actually). We are all a society here, where good experience can be shared, so I would like to introduce you my all-time favorite feet cream which became a true rescue for me.

It is Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue by The Body Shop. This is my second pot so far, and I rarely by products twice or more times, because I like to try different things, so I really loved this cream enough to by another one.

It works exactly how I want a perfect feet cream to work - super-moisturizing and caring, it totally saves my feet, especially in winter when they tend to be dry, but also in summer when open shoes damage your skin much more.

On The Body Shop's website it costs 9 pounds, which I'd say too much for a feet cream, but one pot lasted me for about half a year, so it won't be too bad for your finances to by it once in six months, and it is just so good - worth every penny.

If you have your favorites at the moment, let me know in the comments! I think I will make such posts regularly - different advices, stuff I like at the moment - books, make-up, places and etc. Would you like some more advices?

Also, if you want to know more about Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue, you can visit The Body Shop website.

четверг, 23 января 2014 г.

first snow 2013

Another traditional event at my faculty - First Snow Art Festival. If you read this blog not for more than a year, I'm hosting dance contest at this festival and this time was the fourth dance contest I made on my own. Can't believe how fast time flies!

I am really proud of myself this year, because dance contest was much better than previous year, I invited great judges and at the end we also made a workshop, where one of the judges showed a dance and we learned it, it was super-fun!

"Burlesque" from Resonanse Dance Studio.

"Jazz Funk".

My awesome judges!

Our workshop.

I am super-concentrated dancer :)

Also, I was a judge at rock-bands contest, great honor!

понедельник, 20 января 2014 г.

russian dance fectival 2013

This is a second time I was helping at Russian Dance Festival held by where my dance teacher works. It is always a hard day for everyone, when you literally don't sit down for eight hours in a row, but super-inspiring, you rarely see so many talented dancers at once! This year my duty were rehearsals before the festival itself (which were lots of shouting, I almost broke my voice) and than afterwards I controlled teams coming to stage.
I like being part of Project818 crew, can't be happy enough that I've chosen that dance teacher two and a half years ago and decided to attend dance-workshops. Now I am looking forward to Russian Dance Championship 2014 which will be fifty times crazier!

Balta Monkiki appeared to be my fav among all the judges, he is so nice! Although Talia Favia is very funny and simple as well.

Try ro spot me, haha

I also found a few pics of... my back :)

One of my favourite teams, as usual, Girls Community - super sexy and incredible dancers! Join their team is probsbly one of my wildest dreams.

Girls came to calm me down, ruling the rehearsals is quite nervous job!

GTG Art Guru were mignons, so cute!

среда, 15 января 2014 г.

autumn-winter everydays

Bits and bobs from my autumn and (the beginning of) winter!

I've decided to buy this Clinique blush quite long ago, because my mom has one and I liked it a lot, but suddenly everywhere they ran out of these blushes, probably because Clinique don't produce it anymore. Luckly, Mom found one! I love it, the color and quality are perfect!

Photo with my best friend from super-old photoshoot for Project818, discovered lately. We are different, but we are together =)

Fireworks, and I completely don't remember for what reason they were done...

Super-late present for my birthday (for 2012 one, I mean), haha.

A touching present from my friend, who knew I wanted to read "The Little Prince".

A friend's birthday party.

Accidental present from my mom.

Cooking for the first time using my fast-cooker - Egyptan-styled soup, turned out delicious!

An evening with a friend and delicious stuff.

вторник, 14 января 2014 г.

tv-shows freak

Time for some revelations on my blog: I LOVE serials! I always in the process of watching a tv-show and I have a huge list of ones I will watch sometime (over forty serials there already, whoops :). And if you like serials as much as I do, you will probably like this post - I am going to chat about the best ones I've ever watched so far.

Lost was my school favorite serial, everyone in my class were obsessed with it, we discussed it every morning and every evening I was at my TV to watch the next episode. I liked it a lot till the fourth season, afterwards it turned too mysterious (I think) although at the beginning it was just a realistic story of a plane crash. I haven't watched it till the very end, stopped on the third episode of the last season. I know how it ended though and... quite frustrated, to be honest, but once I will watch it from the beginning to the very end. And Sawyer (Josh Holloway) is sexy. A cute actor is also a reason to watch a series for me (one more revelation for you here, a friend of mine says I have a hundred favorite actors and that is almost true, I'd say about eighty :)

Oh yeah. If you like sarcasm and black humour as much as I do, you will like Dead Like Me. This tv-show is not that much famous but super-good. "Everybody dies" they say, and you have to cope with it. Lambent humour, quite a fresh and new story, great actors - enjoyed both seasons. But don't watch full-length movie, it turned out to be quite a crap (so frustrating!).

Well, quite an obvious one - Sex And The City. I still sometimes watch it or full-length SATC movies when I don't feel like thinking but more like looking at gorgeous outfits. Can't say the plot is very interesting for me, or the problems they discuss touch my heart, but it is easy and nice to watch. Wine and SATC - and the worst evening in your life becomes better.

Again, classics. I think everyone loves Friends. Because it's so good! I rarely laugh with jokes, but they made me. My favorite character is Joey ("Joey doesn't share food!"), love him, he's the best. If you somehow haven't watched it yet - go and do it immediately, I said.

Well, also in school I was quite obsessed with Heroes. But here I am talking only about season one - this is a masterpiece. Seasons second, third and fourth are crap, which is quite sad. I would recommend to watch season one, this will be enough. Sylar is one of the coolest anti-characters ever, and Milo Ventimiglia is just cute (*another favorite actor here*).

Yep, Disney series! I love them all - Hannah Montana, Jonas, Wizards of Waverly Place and others. I know that I am 21, but who cares? They are funny and I am going to watch the rest of ones I haven't seen completely when there will be time for that.

"This is my spot". Big Bang Theory there! I love it, it is funny, good and... about physicists! I am a physicist, and will tell you some truth - characters there are grotesque but real physicists are REALLY look like them sometimes, no kidding. I don't know how will Big Bang Theory end, but so far it was super-good. And, btw, what I do in physics is something in between of what Raj and Sheldon do =)

If you like mystery (and handsome guys), you will like Supernatural, all about ghosts, witches and mysteries. Main characters, brothers Sam and Dean are super-cool, especially Dean, he has a good sense of humour and life-attitude I like. After season four they turned into Bible themes, which was quite obvious after dealing with hell so much, don't know if I like that a lot, but in general, a huge like for Supernatural.

I've just started watching Breaking Bad. Everyone seem to like it so much so that I had to watch it myself. I also feel like I need some more black humour in my life, and Breaking Bad seems like a good option. I also enjoy lots of chemistry there ( I studied it in school, and though I chose physics, still like chemistry as well). And, Breaking Bad got a few Golden Globes and I believe people there won't choose a bad tv-show to award.

Oh, this was a long chat and I feel that my language is quite bad and flat in describing, but I loved to write my series advice. I would like you to tell me which tv-shows are your favorite, have you watched ones of above and what do you think about them, and if you would like more of these "chatty-opinion-describing" posts =)

понедельник, 13 января 2014 г.

birthday girl

On 21st of October I officially turned 21! From one side, this is quite a lot, I really don't feel like being in my twenties already, but I also feel like this is a beginning of something new and incredible (although I recently saw a picture that before 21 you are growing and after 21 you are aging and that bugs me ^^).
I want to claim that in this post I am not showing off in any way, the thing is that all my friends and family were incredible this year, all I got for my birthday are things I wanted and really needed. I decided not to celebrate my birthday but they've thrown me a surpsire party! Insane! I can't wish for better people in my life, thank you (you know who you are =))!

Beginning of the day.

Starbucks cup, I was craving for it for years.

Some austrian chocolate and liquior from my roommate who recently made a trip to Austria and Italy.

I asked my parents to present me a toaster and a fast-cooker, these things made my life in a dorm a little bit easier.

French press. My room is an official coffee-making place now!

Wall stickers, I've decorated my room with it (sooner or later I will make a room toor).

New charm for my Pandora bracelet - Sagrada Famiglia, as a memory of my summer Spain trip.

Housewarming present - a flower. Although, it has died. Sorry for a friend who gave it to me, but I am just not a flower-keeper, unfortunately.

Furla bag and wallet, super-cool! Bag is just perfect for me, as well as my favorite color - deep blue.

Seal from my friend who lives in Irkutsk.

This probably excites me the most - complete Harry Potter collection! I have all books in russian but wanted an English version as well. This was a long story how my friends got an information that I want them, really amazed me!

Super-soft mint scarf.