понедельник, 31 декабря 2012 г.


Happy New Year everyone!!!

I wish you all the best, lots of luck and love. Spend this year with the best people in your life, be helathy, self-educate and do the things you want to!
I'm spending this New Year with my family, what is so nice! My every New Year company betrayed me (I'm kidding, she just left for New Year for the first time since 2008), so I won't go out tonight. Well, I'll have a healthy one, whoah, why not?
Don't forget to drink some champange for New Year!


Few weeks ago I were on an excursion provided by my faculty. I were not eager to wake up at 7 am and spend the whole day there, but I had to...
The first part of the excursion was Moscow guided bus tour. I though it will be kinda nice, just sit in the bus, sleep/watch out the windows... but actually we had to leave the bus at every stop. At -17 degrees, what the hell? It was so damn cold!
But I've made some nice photos of Moscow which I would like to show you. And an advice: if you are a tourist, better not visit Moscow in winter, if you don't know what is -20 degrees cold. You'll freeze to death. Welcome to Russia, I mean :)

Russian Academy of Sciences somewhere in the mist

Red Square


воскресенье, 30 декабря 2012 г.


On 12.12.12 there was my great friend Mariam's birthday, which she celebrated in nice cafe Biblioteka in Lotte Plaza. I've met some of my friends and nice girls from her university! Thank you darling!

My dear =*

Here my fake boob fell off :D

Playing mafia...

...and Activity.
I wore the outfit from my December Everyday's post, as you may remember!


Now I officially claim that my Mom is a monster. I needed a new clutch for New Year party in my University and asked her to make me a company. And I bought two! It is her magic persuading me that I need something even if I don't. Strange thing, isn't it?
All in all, I really love both clutches, they are from Oasis. If you're looking for a new one for New Year Eve in a hurry, you should check this shop, they have really good selection and sales now!

вторник, 25 декабря 2012 г.

1 year anniversary!

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday my little baby, my blog celebrated one year anniversary from the very first blogpost I posted here on 24th of December 2011!
I'd like to thank all my lovely readers, followers and just occasional comers for visiting , reading and commenting my blog!
I'll try to make my blog better next year, I'm working on new ideas everyday! Me and my blog are geting nicer with you, guys!

Pic from weheartit.com
Stay tuned - nice things are coming soon!

суббота, 22 декабря 2012 г.

my disaster break-up story

This is completely different post from what I do usually, but I just feel that I need to express my feelings about what is happening with me right now.

I didn't mention it very much even here, in my blog, but for something like 1,5 years I had a boyfriend. We met at the university, started dating on our first year, when we knew each other for about half a year. It was like a fairy-tale, I was completely in love and nothing could ever darken my life. But, after three moths, things changed. I've met another guy. He was also from my university, we knew each other before but never talked privately. That was the weekend a group of students from my faculty spent at Saint-Petersburg. It happened somehow that we spent the whole night talking, he is really a great guy, we are still friends, but that time I thought that I like him.

I couldn't ever lie to my boyfriend, so we broke up the first time. As he said later, he was totally destroyed and tried to suicide. I didn't have anything with that guy, but also I felt not really bad. That was summer, so me and my ex-boyfriend didn't meet each other.

The next year of study started (I have to mention that me and my ex-boyfriend are in the same study group so we meet each other quite often). Somehow my feelings came back, I understood that there he is - the guy I love. I felt like I know he still loves me, and wished we can turn everything back. And this happened - we were happy again, together.

But from this point nothing was ever the same again. Somehow I felt like he couldn't believe we are together again. He became hysterical literally every other day, I had to prove that here I am, with him and I love him. That was quite hard time, and finally I got tired of it. I broke up with him again, after about two months.

Time passed and at 8th of March of that year (my second year of study) this happened again - you may laugh, but somehow we were together again. This time it lasted quite long, about 8 months or so. We had problems, like every other couple, but, anyway, I felt really nice being with him. That was last New Year - I went to Dubna with my family, and everything changed there again. I understood that I feel like this is not a person I want to spend the whole life with. I didn't tell anything from the very beginning, didn't tell that I had such thoughts, but he still felt it I guess. Things started getting worse.

But there was something new this time. Before that I knew he suffered, but usually it never touched me, as I said I have never felt that bad after our break-ups. That time he started be annoying. He could sit nearby at the lesson and talk with me, wherever I wanted it or not. When I told him that I'm at the lesson he said "But this is because of you I can't study, because you are torturing me".
He started calling me ten times every day. I tried to calm him down although I knew what I felt that time. Maybe, if he gave me a rest everything could get better. But he didn't.

I spent whole hours talking to him every day. I tried, but I finally became exhausted. There was some point after what I didn't care what would be with that relationship again.

And things got worse and worse. He started calling me more and more, and said like "Now I'm at the top roof of the building, and I'm going to jump". I have never believed him, but, trust me, it is very scary when anybody says something like this to you. I was the reason for all his fails, I was the reason why he felt bad, why he changed so much from the person I knew - this is what he said.

I live in a dorm and he could come to it, there were situations when I closed in there and didn't let him come in. Once my roommate came (she didn't know what was happening), he came in and went straight to the window and said he will jump (I live at 14th floor). I was so scared... I literally threw him back from it. There were situations when I asked my roommate and her boyfriend to come to our room because only when there were other people around he was more or less calm.

I was exhausted and emptied. He was some kind of an energetic vampire, I've never been so depressed for my whole life.

He wrote to all my friends and all his friends, how much does he love me, and what a bad person I am to do such things with him. Like I've created my own Frankenstein.

And finally there was a culmination of our story. That was a night before the Physicist's Day (I've told you about it here). I spent this night on a faculty, cause I had a lot of work to do. And he came as well, unfortunately. He started from his "usual" thing like calling me and saying "Yana, I'm in the window right now, come here or I will jump". I didn't. I asked another people to go there and ask him to come back (I didn't tell what was happening, not very many people really knew the whole story). After he started holding me. He wanted to talk, so just stopped me up at any corner so I couldn't free. People were passing, but they didn't know what was really happening. And he is much higher than me and wheights more. I had no other option but running to people where he was more or less still. Now I ask myself why didn't I ask other people for help? I just always keep my emotions shut, so I thought I can rule the situation.

That night situation got worse and worse. He started really applying his power to me and holding me with hands. He is much stronger, I had no way to free myself. I was fighting like I never did before. I bit him, I scratched him. I was lying at the ground having a fit of hysterics. To "calm" me down he bit we very hard, I had a huge bruise on my left hand. You can see a mark of it on my left hand on this photo (it was almost gone when this photo was taken).

I was amazingly angry like I never was before. And I hit him on his head. I really didn't want it, I just didn't realize what I was doing. He fell unconsious. If you have never seen a person suddenly falling down, you won't understand how scary it is. I thought he may die.

He came around, and was more or less ok. But I wasn't. I never meant to hurt him that much, and I had more hysterics again. A friend of mine who fortunately was at the faculty was calming me down for about half an hour. As you may understand, that was happening the whole night, I needed some sleep before the serious day. But I had troubles with him.

I tried to go to have at least an hour of sleep at my dorm, I've asked a few people which were still at the faculty to keep him. But they didn't understand how serious the situation was. He followed me again, which was auwful, and he didn't feel himself good, but he still tried like a maniac. I got away from him, and it was the last time I ever talked to him. And after THAT night he tried to talk to me like nothing ever happened! Like "Yana, why don't you say hi to me?"

I was mentally destroyed. But I've finally managed myself not to feel sorry for him but to take care of my own nerves. He still tried to connect with me, he told that it is my fault that he can't pass his exams, but I didn't care anymore.

I remember how, when I came back from Germany, my friend Julia told me that now I smile finally, like a normal happy person.

He found himself another girlfriend and seemed happy. I thought that finally we are all done with our story. And today his girlfriend connected me. She wants to break up with him, but seems like he does all the same he did when we broke up. He lost almost all his friends because of everyday stories about his hurt heart.

I told her the whole story I told you. I don't want any person to experience the story I did.

I don't know why I decided to put it onto my blog, I just want other people to never make my mistakes. Sometimes people seem to be normal, but they may be aren't. In such a situation, please, take care only of yourself. It is not your fault anymore.

Things will pass, and everyone will calm down. I'm now alone for more than half a year, and still not ready to date any guy. I'm really scared and can't trust anyone, but I know that I will meet than one and unique person. Maybe I even did already.

Everything's gonna be fine!


For quite a long time I was searching for the prefect idea of jewellery storing. I have quite a lot of defferent jewellery, cause (as you may have noticed) I buy it literally all the time.
I have a shelf only in my dorm where I can keep it, and before I just had a lot of different boxes - one with rings, another with bracelets and etc. But it is really unconvenient if you need something from the lowest box - you need to raise all the other ones.
I've been thinking of buying a few boxes for photos - usually they are quite big, and look nice. But, when I went to Ikea with my Mom a few weeks ago I found the best solution ever - this nice blue box! I'm sorry, I can't remember how it is called, but you can find it in children section. Because of sectioned interior (you have a set of delimeters so organize the space yourself) you can store whatever you want, and I've notices that my necklaces got tangled less.
Almost al my jewellery fitted into the box, so I'm thinking about buying one more!


Hello lovelies! I wanted to finally introduce my new spike boots I bought few weeks ago, and I'm totally in love with it! If you ask where I bought it from, I want to stress that it is not real Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike shoes. They are my dream ones, but there are no official retailers in Russia, I'm not going to US the next year at least and I'm not ready to pay 200 euros for the shoes I can't try on.
A friend of mine found these boots at russian internet-shop, where you can try them on before purchase. She bought it, and told me the secret www-adress.
I like the quality, I like these boots, although, people do not understand me. A lot of people when I showed boots to them said "Yana, oh, I didn't expect THIS from you!", which really frustrated me. I even decided to bring them back to the shop. But my Mom said that there is no reason to care what other people think (I know that, but when Mom sais this it really calms me down). So now I have my lovely boots and people staring at them. And yes, I'm quite happy with that!

вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.

december everyday's

Not enough for 5 posts, but enough for one joint! Just some sneak peek from my everyday life, not only from december actually :)

A chocolate heart I got as a birthday present from Tanya.

Our Dubna coffee machine. Miss it always.

At a lecture. There must be about 150 people instead of 15! There's only tumbleweed missing for the whole impression.

I just love the combination of dark red nailpolosh and green leaf ring.

My usual Monday at Sternberg Astronomical Institute. Love this place, very cozy and they have great sofas. Oh, and free Wi-Fi.

Getting dressed for my friends birthday party - now you can see which dress I chose. More about a party and about my new spikey boots later :)

Evening at Fuller's pub with Polina. It was just after I smoked the whole dorm, so good ale was definetely a must.


Good morning, boys and girls!
I'd like to begin with the story happened to me actually on Friday. I hope it will teach you something and you will not do the same thing ever.
My lovely Irina asked me for some help - she wanted to make a surprise to her boyfriend (they had an anniversary on Friday). He is a physicist as well and lives in the same dormitory as I do. The surprise was to cook a dinner for him - nothing serious, just Caesar salad and an apple pie. We needed pieces of toasted bread for the salad, so I suggested not to go and roast them at the kitchen (which is just horrible in our dorm) but to use microwave oven. I put pieces of bread to the oven, chose the maximum power and left them for 5 minutes.
Oh my God. When I've noticed the smell, it was already too late. When I've opened the oven, awful yellow smoke came out. The plate cracked, bread was all burned down. But the most serious thing was that the fire alarm responsed. Also, we can't open the window in my room, girl from another room was sleeping. Ira felt sick immediately because of the smoke. Fireman and other people came, so I had to explain what happened and write an explanation paper...
I smelt like a giant toast for a while. Our oven still smells although I've washed it twice already and one more time with vinegar.
Please, be careful with such a things if you don't want to burn down your flat, dorm or whatever.

Sorry for depressing post, but I think it is really serious thing to mention here. Now, something more cheerful. I've bought myself a new pair of UGG boots, cause it turned out that it's the only way to survive severe Russian winter, This time I chose Bailey Button Triplet ones and just can't wait to wear it!

пятница, 14 декабря 2012 г.

evening with mom

Yes, as you can see from the title, this post is supposed to be about my evening with mom, but I would like to begin with other thing.
While cheking my blog's statistics lately I've understood that actually there are much more people who visit my blog than it was before, especially when I was silent for a few months... and it is so exciting! I want to tell a huge THANK YOU from the depth of my heart to everyone who had ever visited my blog. I do appreciate to read every single comment from you guys, and if you find anything nice, funny or even useful from my blog (the last would be a real surprise for me!) than I'm truly happy with what I do.
From the very beginning (like a year ago, wow!) when I started my own blog I always knew, that it won't be super-popular and won't be one of that endless amount of fashion- and beauty-blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love these blogs, there are a lot of them I do follow personally and they are really inspiring. I'm just not a person with unique style to share with other people, and my blog is just something to store my life in. Also, from the very beginning I wanted it to be international so I've never posted something in Russian. Though, if it is needed, if there's somebody russian who whould enjoy reading it in his native language - just tell me, it's definetely not a problem :)

All in all, I want to say once more - thank you for visiting me and my lil' world here, inside funkyjoleisa.blogspot.ru!

And, as I've promised, I shut up and show you a few pics from the evening I spent with my Mom at a sushi-bar. Nothing special, just nice time :)

Love you, Mom!

And I've also added my e-mail at the left bar, so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to use it!