среда, 5 февраля 2014 г.

thor is back

Just a lovely holiday with a friend, going to "Thor 2" movie and having fun. I quite liked the movie, actually, I am a fan of Marvel superhero-movies (so if you are a DC-fan, sorry :). Also, I am still red-haired on these photos, later I changed my style dramatically. Always, when I am bored, I change my hair, this helps so much!

Smiley :)

вторник, 4 февраля 2014 г.

that large shopping spree - accessorizes

Peeewf, the last post about my shopping - accessories! You all are probably tired of it, and I promise to have some more interesting posts next on my blog.

Earrings and bracelet, Diva.

Bun donuts, Accessorize.

Bag, Victoria's Secret. This was a present there when I bought two kilogramms of body cremes, shower gels and etc., haha :)

Ring, Diva

Necklace, Centro.

Ring and collar necklace, Kira Plastinina.

Sunglasses, Reserved. This is what you urgently need in the middle of winter, yeah...

Necklace, H&M.

Rings, Diva and H&M.

Earrings, Diva. You can probably tell I like Diva when it comes to accessoriez - yes, I do. Although the quality of metals isn't great, it quite often color your skin green and just gets old quickly, so I tend to buy things there only on sales.

Bracelets, H&M and Diva.

понедельник, 3 февраля 2014 г.

that large shoppins spree - clothes

Second part of my shopping rush, dedicated to clothes and shoes. Let's get cracking!

Jacket, black jeans and sweater - Reserved. Print on the jacket looks like old granny's carpet and that's why I bought it - really loved that detail, can't wait for spring.

Some previews I tried to make using new clothes.

Boots, Centro.

Jeans, top and knee boots - Kira Plastinina.

Comfy and wintery home pants from Tezenis.

"Hello" t-shirt, Bershka.

Cardigan and neck-chain, Mango. Cardigan is perfect - comfy and oversized, everything I love at the moment. And I was looking for a chain like this for really long time - not plastic but real metal, and finally found it at Mango.

Shorts and sweatshirt, Tvoe. I just couldn't stand buying this sweatshirt, it combines two of my favorite things - British flag and moustasche, strike!

Fur knee boots from Chester. During severe russian winters good and warm boots are a must have and I needed something instead of my Uggs, which you can wear only when it's very cold and dry outside.

Jeans, Oggi. I wasn't sure I would be able to wear such a thing, but sometimes I like to epater with my clothes (mostly myself), and actually now I wear this pair quite often.

Hoodie, Pull&Bear.

Vest, Colins. What I really like about it that it has a little bag so you can carry it everywhere and it doesn't need lots of space. It will be very handy during my spring travels (and I am going to have a lot, later about that!).

Basic white t-shirt and croshet top, Bershka.

воскресенье, 2 февраля 2014 г.

that large shopping spree - beauty

For the past few months I've been in a shopping rush, I can't remember any time in my life when I bought so many things on a regular basis. But, well, I had some tough times recently and this was a way to cheer myself up, so I blame myself for spending enormous amount of money, but not very hard.
It happened that for the last 3-4 months I bought so much stuff that it can't fit in one blogpost, so I'll separate it into three different ones - beauty, clothes and accessories. This one will be all about beauty and makeup I've bought.

Lush "No Drought" dry shampoo and "Snow Fairy" shower gel. Shampoo is not very comfortable to use because of the packaging, I end up with some on my floor, but it works okay and smells deliciousy-grapefruit, and "Snow Fairy" is super-cute glitter shower gel which smells like bubble-gum.

Well...things gone crazy in Victoria's Secret. I think for the next five years I am stocked with body cremes and shower gels. But how can anyone resist their awesome stuff?

"Grease Lightning" spot treatment and "Santa Baby" lip tint from Lush. "Santa Baby" smells like coca-cola, but it's super-red, all my hands are red after using it...

My recent make-up revelation - Catrice! I've been loving it a lot, at once I bought some of their "Liquid Metal" eyeshadows, "Nude" eyeshadow palette, "Pure Shine" colour lip balm and "Ultimate Colour" lipstick.

I've been obsessed with Lush bath bombs recently, they are amazing for a relaxing baths, which I take once in a week as a ritual.

"Stay Matte" face powder from Rimmel and some deep cleansing stripes from Cettua.

"Aquatic Aqua" deep moisture eye gell and "Beauty Base" primer from Lumene and eyebrow pensil from Rimmel.

"Master Precise" eyeliner from Maybelline and "Liquid Lip Tint" from Catrice. Lip tint appeared to be a really special thing, I'll make a separate post about it later.

If you want reviews on any of these products, let me know!