вторник, 19 ноября 2013 г.

spain part eight - five hours in prague

On our way back we had a five-hour change in Prague so had an opportunity to explore the city. We were completely tired and just visited a few places and ate some traditional Czech dishes (even beer ice cream, but it was not tasty at all =).

Photobombing Natasha :) I doubt she'd ever seen this photo.

Dancing house.

spain part six - dali museum at figueras

The schedule was busy, and we started next day with going to Figueras to visit famous Dali museum. We survived a one-hour queue, and it was quite crowded inside... but not paying attention to that it was a fantastic experience. This museum is one of a kind, obviously, designed by Dali itself. Entering the museum you enter a little marvelous world of Dali and dip into his art, with a little bit of craziness, though :)

понедельник, 18 ноября 2013 г.

spain part five - arriving to barcelona

We spent our last two and a half days in Barcelona. The city is amazing, now I know why everyone love it so much! With some dark sides, though - crowds of people and long queues at all popular places. And thiefs. I've heard so many stories from my friends about stolen money and passports...we were quite lucky to avoid all that.

We spent our first evening jusr wandering in our "neighborhood". We lived in a hostel just in front of Barcelona University. And we've found out that Passeig de Gracia, which was five minutes away fron our home has all the shops - literally. Everything from H&M to Armani. How cool is that choice of place? :)

Casa Batllo.

The only aim (at least, mine) was to see Sagrada Famiglia. I've always been fascinated by the builfing itself and by the mysterious story behind it. And all what I expected was fulfilled ten times - Sagrada Famiglia is breathtaking, Gaudi is a genius of architecture! Unfortunately we didn't go inside, better luck next time. Now I have to visit it at least once more.

Me in front of Sagrada Famiglia. On my birthday I got a special present about it...which I'll show later :)

Aaaand some selfies in front :) I miss that warm Barcelona evening so much!