среда, 22 февраля 2012 г.

oh, miguel!

This Sunday I participated Miguel Zarate`s workshop, organized by project818.com. My dance teacher Zhenya works there, and it took me lots of time to venture to go here. Miguel arrived in Moscow for two days only, so there were six workshops from him.

And I really loved being there! Miguel is amazing! He is very funny as a person, but also a talanted dancer. He told us a lot about what is being a dancer, and I think these were the best advices I ever heard.

Unfortunately, I stayed only for two of three workshops - I was a bit ill :(

Can you see me here? ;)

Miguel - he stole everyone`s hearts this day!

четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.


Sorry guys for having no news from me for such a long time. This 1,5 week was very hard for me. My study had already started, and you know... it is like hell. A good hell, though :) We have already made a desicion, which department we are going to choose. Mine is the department of particle physics and cosmology (sounds cool, don`t you think so? :). So I have a lot of new subjects... and need to study a lot too...

I have already moved to my dormitory, this is my view from the window. Morning Moscow... looks amazing!

My favourite flowers.

I bought this Got2Be volumizing powder a few days ago - I`ve heard lots about it, and spent quite a lot time to find a place where it is on sale!