суббота, 29 марта 2014 г.

diy memobook

Special kind of post today - the very first Do It Yourself on my blog. I made an attempt to re-design an old childish memobook I had since I was fourteen I think and hopefully it turned out to be nice.

What you will need: an old memobook you want to re-decorate, some paper for outer parts (I used IKEA wrapping paper), two sheets of thick paper for inner side, set of brads (or stickers, crystals or whatever you want to be inside), double tape, glue, ruler, scissors and a pencil. Also later I used golden ribbon, matching threads and a needle to sew.

Step one: measure your book and make a scheme if needed - what paper size you need to cut off to cover the whole thing.

Step two: re-draw your scheme carefully on a wrapping paper (using ruler to make a precise one) and cut it out.

Step three: using double tape, attach your wrapping to a book, try to strain it so there won't be any wrinkles.

Step four: make a hole in a paper and bend the ends as the shape of the hole (heart-shaped in my book)

Step five: cut and glue thick paper to the inner side of the book.

Step six: don't forget to make a hole in a paper when you will work with front part - this may be not very precise.

Step seven: take your brads (or what you've chosen) and attach them to the thick paper in a manner you want - so that you can see it through the hole when you close the book.

Be careful with your fingers - that does hurt!

The hole didn't look as accurate as I expected it to be, so I found some golden ribbon and matching threads to cover the edges with it.

Step eight: sew! And again, be careful with your fingers, better use a thimble.

The end! This is how my memobook turned out to be!

And the very last step: clean all the mess you've made... :)

Hope you enjoyed my fisrt DIY blogpost, all the supplies I used were available in a local bookstore and in my home. Please tell me your opinion in the comments or whether I shall make more posts like this in the future!

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  1. Wow! That's very creative, Joleisa. I love the decorative jewels you used for the front cover. They added a vintage touch to the memobook. I also like the fact that you used materials that are easy to find, and most likely cheap. I mean, I think a memobook like that can even be made with recycled materials, right? Just a working roll of double-sided tape and you're all set. Thanks for sharing that! Good job! :)

    Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes Australia

  2. Hi! I was searching the internet when I came across your blog. I love the creativity and simplicity of this design! I will definitely be trying this in the future!