пятница, 7 марта 2014 г.

new hair

Finally, mystery reveiled - my new hairstyle! I made my hair ends lighter, not really an ombre as you know it, but something like that. Because before I coloured my hair red, my ends became... orange! I was a little bit shocked at first but decided to love it, looks really refreshing. And I have even more plans on colouring my hair... if you are interested, stay tuned or I can show my ideas here on my blog.

Also wearing my new Asos Retro Specs there - a saver when I am not in a mood of doing a make-up.

Do you like my new hair? Would you do something like that? Or, maybe you have any ideas what should I do next - when my hair will grow longer I am going to cut off blond ends so there will be clear space for imagination and change.

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